Collection: STREET Socks


For our most groundbreaking socks we use fibers designed so that your feet breathe even during great physical exertion. Through our own weaving process, we managed to provide an incredible touch on the shaft and instep, which is reinforced by the cushioning of the double cotton terry at the bottom of the sock.

One of the aspects in which more work has been done is achieving a perfect anatomical fit. A lot of effort has also been put into developing the sock's shape and point of elasticity and compression to achieve the best possible fit.

The technical characteristics of the yarns used in our sublimotion socks and the immense design possibilities they offer make these little works of art a high-performance accessory that you can wear in any situation.


As in all our products, comfort prevails over any other consideration and that is why we make the sole of these socks with a double terry of high quality combed cotton.

It is not possible to apply the same designs to that cotton as to the rest of the threads that make up this sock. That's why the sole is black, for your comfort.

made in spain quality colorful socks